octobre 1, 2022
Juxtapoz Magazine – Zach Tutor Curates the « 10th Annual Supersonic Invitational » @ Harman Projects, Los Angeles

Juxtapoz Magazine – Zach Tutor Curates the « 10th Annual Supersonic Invitational » @ Harman Projects, Los Angeles

Harman Projects, Los Angeles // August 13, 2022 – August 27, 2022

Casey WeldonCasey Weldon

Charlie ImmerCharlie Immer

Chris AustinChris Austin

Edwin UshiroEdwin Ushiro

Frank GonzalezFrank Gonzalez

Gustavo RimadaGustavo Rimada

Jérôme MasiJérôme Masi

Ken FlewellynKen Flewellyn


Scott ListfieldScott Listfield

Victor CastilloVictor Castillo

Yok JoaquinYok Joaquin


Harman Projects is pleased to present The 10th Annual Supersonic Invitational, a group exhibition curated by Zach Tutor. Featuring over 50 artists from around the world, the exhibition showcases Supersonic Art’s unique voice in the New Contemporary movement.

This eclectic exhibition has taken place annually since 2011 as a physical manifestation of Tutor’s digital features on Supersonic Art. About the exhibition, Tutor says, “This is, without a doubt, the best collection of work for a Supersonic Invitational. Throughout the COVID years, it delights me to see such wonderful work being produced. To me, it’s a sign from the universe that art and artists are stronger than ever before. That, just maybe, it’s all going to work out. “

Participating Artists: Jonny Alexander | Daliah Lina Ammar | Eduardo Angel | Glenn Arthur | Chris Austin | Bael | Tom Bagshaw | Paul Barnes | Kelsey Beckett | Brian Butler | Victor Castillo | Young-Ji Cha | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Ken Flewellyn | Cam Floyd | Beau Bernier Frank | JD Fridlund | Gian Galang | Ken Garduno | Diana Georgie | Frank Gonzales | Jeff Gress | Kamea Hadar | Mikko Heino | Kazuhiro Hori | Joshua Horkey | Anthony Hurd | Charlie Immer | Shoko Ishida | Paulette Jo | Yok Joaquin | Sarah Joncas | Steve Kim | Steve Martinez | Maldha Mohamed | Mayumi Konno | Leegan Koo | Joshua Lawyer | Jason Limon | Scott Listfield | Lihao Lu | Greg Mike | Tommy Mitchell | Jerome Masi | Johnny Akihito Noda | Victoria V. Nunley | Patrick Oates | Shoichi Okumura | Askew One | ONEQ | Jun Oson | Roxy Peroxyde | Gustavo Rimada | Nicole Salgar | Brooks Shane Salzwedel | Andi Soto | Tatiana Suarez | David Surman | Andie Taylor | Scott Tulay | Edwin Ushiro | Lee Wagstaff | Casey Weldon | Jasper Wong | Zoltron | Aaron Zulpo

Harman Projects // 2754 S. La Cienega Blvd Suite B // Los Angeles, CA 90034

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