août 9, 2022
Juxtapoz Magazine – Save Ukraine Now Print Benefit: Bohdan Burenko on « Walking the Dog »

Juxtapoz Magazine – Save Ukraine Now Print Benefit: Bohdan Burenko on « Walking the Dog »

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Evan Pricco: Talk to me about Walking the Dog

Bohdan Burenko:  I don’t like to talk about the context of my work. It hinders the viewer’s perception. For me, the subjective experience of each viewer is important. The meanings that I invest as an author do not claim to be objective and accurate. But I will say a few words to understand the general mood.

Existential dark thoughts creep up on a person. Dark nature is always ready to show its face. Confusion and anxiety are always there. Man is the most unfortunate creature, he has an understanding of his fragility nature. We are all made of flesh and all roads lead to the ground. 

What has the past few months taught you, or what have your experiences during this war showed you about the Ukraine? 

The situation is difficult. Many people close to me, and I myself often could not stand the nerves. And this is normal in a war. In the conditions of life during sirens, bomb shelters, air strikes and bursting shells. When you wake up from the fact that your windows are shaking from the shock wave. At the moment when the life of all Ukrainians stopped or turned upside down. I began to feel the maximum connection and unity. We have something in common at one moment, one problem, one trouble and one enemy for the entire Ukrainian society. I think that there is no more united people on earth than we are now. We all became closer and dearer to each other. And there are no problems with communication, we are all for one now, despite such harsh and tragic circumstances.

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